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The British Institute of Agricultural Consultants
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Affiliated organisations

BIAC is fortunate to have links with a number of affiliated organisations. Affiliate membership is open to related organisations (not individuals) providing a service to agriculture and the rural sector other than pure advice and consultancy.

Please use the following links to find our further information:

AMC http://www.amconline.co.uk
Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
Certified Bookkeepers http://www.bookkeepers.org.uk
The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
CLA http://www.cla.org.uk
Country Land and Business Association
FAF http://www.fafltd.co.uk
FAF provides rural mortgages to those living and working in the countryside
FWAG http://www.fwag.org.uk
Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group
IAgSA http://www.iagsa.co.uk
Institute of Agricultural Secretaries & Adminitrators
Kingshay Farming Trust http://www.kingshay.com
Independent Dairy Specialists - Providing practical support to professional producers.
LEAF http://www.leafuk.org
Linking Environment and Farming.
SCI http://www.soci.org
Society of Chemical Industry Horticulture Group
SWCoRE http://www.swcore.co.uk
South West Chamber of Rural Enterprise
UK200Group http://www.uk200group.co.uk
Quality assured accountants and lawyers.

Other Useful Links

AICC http://www.aicc.org.uk
Association of Independant Crop Consultants
DEFRA http://www.defra.gov.uk
Department for Rural Affairs
IAgrM http://www.iagrm.org.uk
The Institute of Agricultural Management
IFMA http://www.ifmaonline.org
International Farm Management Association
RPA http://www.rpa.gov.uk
Rural Payments Agency
TFA http://www.tfa.org.uk
Tenant Farmers Association