BIAC Members & Guests enjoying a visit to the Allerton Project - May 2016

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BIAC (The British Institute of Agricultural Consultants)

BIAC is a professional organisation whose members provide advice to Farmers, Rural Businesses and those who care for our Environment and Countryside.


  • Maintains an up-to-date register of members.
  • Provides members with relevant information.
  • Provides skill facilities for members.
  • Provides regional and national networking facilities.
  • Promotes members for work through its pro-active communications.

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'BIAC Foundation Course June 2016'

The BIAC Rural & Agricultural Consultants Foundation Course is designed and intended as a refresher course for those already in the profession, as well as for those who have recently started employment within companies who provide Rural & Agricultural Consultancy. The course will allow participants to gain a fuller understanding of the industry they work in. This course provides an opportunity to experience a cross section of the profession, along with presentations by people directly involved in the agricultural and rural sectors. This allows the individuals taking part in the Course to develop their knowledge of the industry by hearing presentations and discussion with one another. .

For further information please contact the BIAC office on 01275 375559 or see Events Page