Technology group

Membership of BIAC enables professionals working on some of the more peripheral spheres of agriculture to become involved in BIAC for the benefit of themselves, existing BIAC members, their clients and BIAC as a whole.

The following list of skill areas serve as an example of the technological skill areas that BIAC members and their clients are likely to encounter both now and in the future.

  • Alternative Energy Sources and their Harnessing

  • Communications & Information Technology

  • Machine & System Diagnostics

  • Global Positioning Systems

  • Wildlife, Forestry & Conservation, Mapping & Tracking

  • Mechatronics and Robotics

  • Waste Reclamation and Recycling

  • Diversification: Food Processing from production to plate

  • On Farm Livestock procedures: On the hoof and Carcass grading, AI, Nutrition, Disease & Pregnancy analysis

  • Laboratory and Testing Work

The Technology Group provides additional support for members as well as more ‘conventional’ Agricultural Engineers, with peripheral skills (but not single specific products or product lines) of value to the rural sector, to organise educational visits, lectures and workshops for the benefit of all members.