Rural Planning Group

Most new farm-based or countryside developments involve some form of planning application: be it for new farm buildings, for stables, for farm diversification or other changes of use. The rural planning division of the BIAC contains members with specialist skills in rural development work, particularly where there is a need for planning permission. Members skills cover farm buildings and dwellings, land classification, equestrian centres and farm diversification (including changes of use, leisure and tourism development), and the promotion of non-agricultural development sites.

Rural Planning Conference

BIAC holds an annual Rural Planning conference for the wider agricultural community each October  (see events page for latest details). This is usually a sell out, so book early.

Rural Planning Group Aims

The aim of the group is to advance and enhance the skills of its members, through sharing knowledge and skills, suitable professional development work and by seeking to ensure a consistently high standard of all its practicing members. In addition, the Division promotes awareness of its member’s services via organisations such as the NFU, TFA, FUW, CLA, RTPI, Planning Officer’s Society etc. Overall, by this process, the group aims to match members skills to client’s needs.