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Rural Planning

Rural Planning
BIAC contains probably the best collection of rural planning expertise you could find or will ever need.  Across the membership there are experts in all manner of rural development work, including:           
  • new essential worker dwellings (agricultural, equestrian, canine etc);
  • new farm buildings and processing;
  • stables, gallops, canters, arenas, riding schools;
  • building reuse/residential, commercial, tourism;
  • leisure diversification, glamping, shooting, driving ranges;
  • agricultural land classification and soil conservation;
  • assessing land going out of agriculture;
  • Environmental assessment contributions.


BIAC experts work nationwide, many advising local planning authorities as well as applicants.  Many act as expert witnesses for planning appeals or arbitrations.

Within the wider BIAC membership you will also find grant specialists, rating experts, inheritance and other advisors who may be important to your proposals.

BIAC strives to keep its rural planning members up to date, and provides CPD (e.g. enforcement, expert report writing) as well as the leading rural planning conference run annually attended by 170 plus delegates each October.

If your project needs any rural planning advice, it is almost certain that there will be a BIAC member who can help.