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Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion
A number of BIAC members are involved in Expert Opinion work and are able to perform the role of experts by virtue of their qualifications and experience, covering all aspects of the agricultural industry. 

Expert opinion, in the form of a report, or evidence given in court at enquiries, is an essential feature of all types of litigation and insurance work. 

The BIAC Constitution and Code of Professional Conduct ensures a high standard of expertise and integrity so that both the lawyer and client can be confident of a professional contribution to any assignment.  

Many disciplines are covered by BIAC members, including:
  • Animal husbandry, covering all farming livestock, including fish. 

  • Crop husbandry, covering all crops grown in the UK and overseas, their production and marketing, including the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. 

  • Trees and forestry, leisure and amenity activities. 

  • Rural planning, environmental aspects and agricultural need. 

  • Soils, water supply and drainage. 

  • Pollution, industrial and agricultural. 

  • Buildings and machinery, design, use and safety.  


Many BIAC members are particularly experienced in the assessment of financial losses sustained. 

Work is regularly undertaken for the legal profession, insurance companies, trading organisations, individual farmers and many other bodies, both in the UK and overseas. When necessary a consortium of consultants can be assembled for a case involving several disciplines. 

Experts may be chosen from the BIAC members listed on the website or by contacting the BIAC office with details of the particular issue. We will be pleased to assist in the identification of members able to undertake any particular assignment.