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An appreciation of Mr David Whalley BSc CBiol MIBiol FIHort MAE FBIAC by Anthony Hyde

An appreciation of Mr David Whalley BSc CBiol MIBiol FIHort MAE FBIAC by Anthony Hyde

Date Published: 21/05/2021

It is with great sadness that David passed away on May 8th 2021.  He had been in very poor health in recent years and for some time before that he had struggled with the science and great knowledge he had gained over a career devoted to the intricacies of horticulture and pollution.  He was a foremost expert in his field and much sought after and involved in many detailed, curious and criminal investigations as an (or the) expert authority on pesticide toxicity, especially when being involved in cases of murder where poisons were used.  He has regaled BIAC members with tales of such cases which left most of us dumbfounded.  Long time members like Mike Greetham will recall David talking to us at Expert Opinion meetings.

David was humble, understated and a hardworking member of BIAC Council throughout the 1990s where he brought his special skill to the fore in bringing us up-to-date with our public image and marketing of our brand.  It was he who was the enlightened brain that brought us into the 21st century, before it arrived, in how our marketing materials, our brand and our publications were presented and are still with us in 2021.  David chaired our Publicity Committee and was a member of a number of organisations in his own particular skill area.  David was an unsung BIAC member but as is the case so often it is people like him who “do” and bring so much good for the cause that they choose to belong.

David leaves his devoted wife, Cathy and their two daughters.