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Become A Member

Become A Member

BIAC welcomes membership applications from independent agricultural consultants, organisations and individuals from supporting industries and students.

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Become A Member

Membership Grades & Cost

BIAC has a number of membership grade available and charges an annual membership fee to support the ongoing events and training of the Institute.

Become a BIAC member

  • Fellow (FBIAC): £275.00Apply Now
    Independent agricultural consulants for 10 years or more or having made an outstanding contribution to agricultural consultancy
  • Member (MBIAC): £240.00Apply Now
    Independent agricultural consultants for over 3 years
  • Associate (ABIAC): £180.00Apply Now
    Independent agricultural consultant for up to 3 years
  • Student: £25.00Apply Now
    Currently registered on a full or part time related course
  • Retired: 50% of orginal membership grade feeApply Now
    Former independent agricultural consulants of BIAC who are no longer practicing
  • Corporate Affiliate: £250.00Apply Now
    Company membership for supporting industries
  • Individual Affiliate: £150.00Apply Now
    Individual membership from a person in a supporting industry



Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

BIAC requires all Member (MBIAC) and Fellow (FBIAC) grade of membership to submit an annual CPD record which is broken down into Structured CPD and Unstructured CPD and has a target of 80 hours per year as follows;

  • Structured CPD (Minimum 20 hours) - training courses, workshops, briefings and conferences (in person or online), writing articles, preparing talks
  • Unstructured CPD (Maximum 60 hours) -  reading (technical journals/ trade magazines), meetings, farm walks, demonstrations, shows

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI)

BIAC requires an annual confirmation of adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance for all Fellow (FBIAC) and  Member (MBIAC) grades of membership