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Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

Date Published: 01/01/2024

BIAC is a Member Organisation and offers an opportunity for members to apply for a scholarship funds to attend professional training, conferences or seminars to promote, facilitate and support the enhancement of the professionalism of agricultural consultancy.

BIAC will not provide funds for University fees, salaries, charity donations or overseas appeals.

The scholarship fund is reviewed annually. The 2024 scholarship fund is set at £2500.

Please CLICK HERE for the application form.

Conditions of application

  1. You may be required to prepare and/ or present a report at a BIAC event/ publication
  2. Funds will be payable to the applicant on receipt of account details on headed paper
  3. 1 application per calendar year are open to all fully paid members of BIAC

Please send your application form by email to scholarship@biac.co.uk

If you would like to attach any further documentation to support your application, please attach to the email with your application form in pdf format.

Decision Process

If your application meets the criteria for the BIAC scholarship, it will be put forward to the Executive Committee for their consideration.  The Executive will meet quarterly consider applications quarterly to consider applications quarterly with decisions being notified to applicants within two weeks of the meeting.  The decision of the Executive Committee will be final.

Deadlines for Applications 2023

Applications must be received no later than as follows:

14th June 2024

13th September 2024

13th December 2024