About BIAC

About BIAC

Who we are?

BIAC (The British Institute of Agricultural Consultants), formed in 1957, is a membership organisation for all engaged in the provision of advice:

  • Principals
  • Partners
  • Directors
  • Employees
  • Individuals

Members are engaged in the giving of advice in all matters concerning the ownership and occupation of land and rural businesses – not simply farming and food.

What is our purpose?

  • To facilitate and enhance the provision of impartial high quality advice to those in the rural, environment and food sectors by accredited professional consultants.
  • To provide the independent consultant (the member) with a high quality, professional standing which demonstrates their commitment through BIAC proving their continuous professional development (cpd), PII, Fee Structure, Code of Conduct and Specialist Skills.
  • To support younger professionals to become effective consultants.
  • To demonstrate that BIAC is the best source of Professional Rural Consultants.


What does BIAC do?

  • Operates an up-to-date register of all members showing their skills and contact addresses. This register which is in both electronic and hard copy form is used to promote members throughout the market place.
  • Manages a website which not only promotes the aims and objectives of the Institute but also allows visitors to search for the consultant who has the skills they require for their particular problem.
  • Provides members with relevant information and knowledge to assist them with their ongoing and continuous professional development (cpd).
  • Provides skill facilities for members to improve their technical knowledge and experiences through workshops, seminars, visits and meetings. BIAC currently has the following facilities:
    • Business management
    • Expert opinion
    • Livestock
    • Environment
    • Rural planning
    • International
  • Provides a regional network for members to meet together with the other professionals and related organisations in their area.
  • Promotes members for work through a comprehensive portfolio of measures:
    • Lobbying government, regional and local authorities, agencies, commercial companies, financial institutions and other professional bodies in the rural sector
    • Attending relevant exhibitions, conferences, technical events and meetings
    • Relevant advertising
    • Networking with the other professional organisations in our industry

How do we manage ourselves?

  • A modern Constitution and Code of Conduct to provide our council with a professional framework that is transparent to our members, our members’ clients and the industry in which we operate.
  • An Executive for the day-to-day activities of BIAC.
  • The Entrance Membership and Disciplinary Committee for the governance of membership including all applications for membership, the operation of the Code of Conduct and ethical matters.
  • A Publicity and Development Committee to promote BIAC, its members and its activities through whatever medium is judged the most suitable. To constantly review how BIAC is promoted and to market BIAC to other professionals to gain their membership.
  • External accreditation of BIAC by the British Accreditation Bureau to demonstrate transparency.

What do we expect of members?

  • To abide by a Code of Conduct.
  • To maintain and enhance their professional standards.
  • To hold and to prove Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • To demonstrate continuous professional development (cpd) and report the same to BIAC.
  • Wherever relevant, to participate in BIAC sponsored activities to share and grow knowledge.
  • To further the aims and objectives of the institute.

Further Information

If you have any further questions, please call us on 01275 375559

Portbury House, Sheepway,Portbury, Bristol BS20 7TE
Email: info@biac.co.uk

  • Patron

    Professor David Leaver
    Bsc, PhD, FSB, FIAgrE, FRAgS, FRASE


  • Chairman

    Tony Keron BSc (Hons) MRICS FBIAC

  • Vice-Chairman

         David Meredith BSc (Hons) ND FAAV FBIAC FACTS BASIS

  • CEO

    Mike Greetham

  • Treasurer

    Adrian Cannon

  • Secretariat

    Cooksley & Co Ltd


Simon Britton BSc(Hons) MBIAC

George Cook HND (Dip FM)FBIAC PAgric

Roger Cozens BSc(Hons)  MSc(Agric) MBPR(Agric) FBIAC

Graham Leaver NCA FBIAC

James Miles-Hobbs BSc MBIAC


Peter Walker BSc(Hons) FBIAC